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1, Sausage Stuffer: A sausage stuffer function allows you to fill casings with ground meat mixtures to create your own homemade sausages. This attachment typically includes different-sized nozzles to accommodate various sausage casing sizes.

2, Kubbe Attachment: A kubbe attachment is designed specifically for making traditional Middle Eastern kubbe (also known as kibbeh) dishes. It helps shape the ground meat mixture into the characteristic elongated shape with a hollow center for stuffing.

3, Jerky Slicer: A jerky slicer attachment is designed to slice meat into thin strips, perfect for making homemade jerky. It ensures uniform thickness and makes the jerky preparation process easier.


  1. Versatility: The Meat Grinder Attachment Adds Versatility To Your Kitchen Appliance. With This Optional Function, You Can Grind Various Types Of Meats, Including Beef, Chicken, Pork, And More. It Allows You To Create Your Own Ground Meat For Recipes Like Burgers, Sausages, Meatballs, And More.
  2. Convenience: Having A Meat Grinder Attachment As An Optional Function Eliminates The Need For A Separate Meat Grinder Appliance. It Provides A Convenient And Space-Saving Solution For Grinding Meat Right On Your Existing Kitchen Appliance, Such As A Horizontal Slow Juicer.
  3. Freshness And Control: Grinding Your Own Meat Using A Meat Grinder Attachment Ensures Freshness And Quality Control. You Have The Ability To Select The Type And Quality Of Meat You Prefer, Allowing You To Create Customized Blends Or Grind Leaner Cuts For Healthier Options.
  4. Texture And Consistency: With A Meat Grinder Attachment, You Have Control Over The Texture And Consistency Of The Ground Meat. You Can Choose Between Fine, Medium, Or Coarse Grind Settings, Depending On Your Recipe Or Personal Preference. This Flexibility Enables You To Achieve The Desired Texture For Your Specific Dishes.
  5. Recipe Variety: The Meat Grinder Attachment Opens Up A World Of Recipe Possibilities. Aside From Basic Ground Meat, You Can Experiment With Creating Unique Blends By Adding Spices, Herbs, Or Vegetables To The Meat Mixture. This Allows You To Explore Different Flavors And Tailor The Ground Meat To Suit Specific Recipes.
  6. Cost Savings: Grinding Meat At Home With A Meat Grinder Attachment Can Be Cost-Effective. It Gives You The Opportunity To Buy Larger Cuts Of Meat, Which Are Typically More Affordable Than Pre-Packaged Ground Meat. You Can Also Take Advantage Of Sales Or Discounts On Whole Cuts Of Meat And Grind Them As Needed.
  7. Hygiene And Safety: By Grinding Your Own Meat Using A Meat Grinder Attachment, You Have Better Control Over The Hygiene And Safety Of The Meat. You Can Ensure That The Equipment And The Meat Are Properly Cleaned And Handled, Minimizing The Risk Of Cross-Contamination Or Foodborne Illnesses.
  8. Easy To Use And Clean: Meat Grinder Attachments Are Generally Designed To Be User-Friendly And Easy To Clean. They Often Feature Simple Assembly And Disassembly, Making Them Convenient To Use And Maintain. Additionally, Many Attachments Have Dishwasher-Safe Components, Simplifying The Cleaning Process.
  9. Attachment Compatibility: It’s Important To Note That Meat Grinder Attachments May Have Specific Compatibility Requirements With The Base Appliance. Ensure That The Meat Grinder Attachment You Choose Is Designed To Work With Your Specific Horizontal Slow Juicer Model Or Any Other Compatible Appliance.


1,Dual-Purpose Functionality: By Incorporating A Meat Grinder Attachment With Your Horizontal Juicer, You Have The Convenience Of A Two-In-One Appliance. The Juicer Allows You To Extract Fresh Juices From Fruits And Vegetables, While The Meat Grinder Attachment Expands Its Capabilities To Grind Various Types Of Meats.

2,Space-Saving Design: Having A Meat Grinder Attachment That Seamlessly Integrates With Your Horizontal Juicer Eliminates The Need For A Separate Meat Grinder, Saving Valuable Countertop Or Storage Space In Your Kitchen.

3,Fresh And Healthy Ground Meat: With The Meat Grinder Attachment, You Can Grind Your Own Meats, Ensuring Freshness And Quality. You Have Control Over The Ingredients, Avoiding Additives Or Preservatives Commonly Found In Store-Bought Ground Meat.

4,Versatile Food Processing: In Addition To Grinding Meat, The Attachment Can Provide Other Food Processing Functions. It May Include Accessories For Making Sausages, Grinding Nuts Or Vegetables, Creating Pasta, Or Even Juicing Citrus Fruits, Expanding Your Culinary Options.

5,Nutrient-Rich Recipes: By Combining The Juicing Capabilities Of The Horizontal Juicer With The Meat Grinder Attachment, You Can Create Nutritious Recipes That Incorporate Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, And Lean Meats. For Example, You Can Make Blended Meat And Vegetable Patties Or Incorporate Ground Meat Into Your Juiced Vegetable Soups For Added Protein And Flavor.

6,Simplified Cleaning And Maintenance: Since The Meat Grinder Attachment Is Designed Specifically For Your Horizontal Juicer, The Cleaning Process Is Often Streamlined. Removable Parts, Such As The Grinding Screw And Cutting Blade, Can Be Cleaned Along With The Juicer Components, Simplifying Maintenance.

7,Cost-Effective Solution: Instead Of Purchasing A Separate Meat Grinder, Investing In A Meat Grinder Attachment For Your Existing Horizontal Juicer Can Be A Cost-Effective Option. It Allows You To Enjoy The Benefits Of Meat Grinding Without The Expense Of An Additional Appliance.

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