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1,Joymi offers voltage options of 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz and 120V/60Hz for versatile use.
2,Our products feature a silent 150W DC motor, operating at 95-110rpm for efficient and quiet juicing.
3,Noise tests ensure our products meet standards, with noise levels at 60-65dB.
4,Our products undergo a 76cm drop test to meet international standards and ensure safe transit.
5,Joymi products are packed in 5 layers of colorful boxes + 5 layers of outer boxes, using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.
6,All plastic parts are made from food-grade materials to ensure product safety.
7,Our products are coated with three layers of spray + UV treatment for easy cleaning and scratch prevention.
8,Additional safety measures, such as reinforced protection, are implemented for enhanced user safety.


  • Joymi Products Are Compliant With A Wide Range Of Certifications, Including ISO9001 And BSCI For The Company, And ETL, FCC, CE, CB, GS, EMC, LVD, ROHS, REACH, And LFGB For The Products. These Certifications Ensure The Highest Standards Of Quality, Safety, And Ethical Manufacturing Practices.
  • We Have The Capability To Meet Different Countries’ Standards, Such As KC, PSE, SASO, UKCA, And Others. This Ensures That Our Products Are Suitable For Various Global Markets And Meet The Specific Requirements Of Each Country.
  • We Offer Flexible Voltage Options To Accommodate Different Regions. Whether It’s The Standard 220-240V At 50/60Hz Or 120V/60Hz, We Can Also Fulfill Special Voltage Requests To Meet Specific Needs.
  • Enjoy The Convenience Of Our Wide Feed Chute, Measuring 44mm. This Allows You To Process Whole Fruits And Vegetables Without The Need For Extensive Pre-Cutting, Saving You Time And Effort.
  • Joymi Horizontal Slow Juicers Come With Multiple Filters Designed To Handle Different Types Of Produce. These Filters Optimize Juice Extraction, Ensuring You Get The Most Juice Possible From Various Ingredients.
  • The Reverse Function Feature Allows You To Easily Unclog The Juicer In Case It Becomes Jammed. This Practical Function Ensures Uninterrupted Juicing And A Smooth User Experience.
  • Cleaning Our Horizontal Slow Juicers Is A Breeze. The Parts Are Dishwasher-Safe, And The Design Prioritizes Ease Of Cleaning. Say Goodbye To The Hassle Of Tedious Cleaning Routines.
  • Experience Quiet Operation With Our Juicers. Operating At Only DC 150W And 95-110RPM, They Are Designed To Minimize Noise Levels. This Makes Them Perfect For Morning Use Or Any Time When Noise Sensitivity Is A Concern.
  • Joymi Prioritizes Durability In Our Horizontal Slow Juicers. Made With High-Quality Materials And Built To Last, Our Juicers Are Designed To Withstand Regular Use, Ensuring Longevity And Reliability.

2,Purest Juice & Best Taste

Experience The Purest Juice With Our Juicer As It Automatically Separates Pomace And Juice. This Guarantees The Purest Juice, Making It Suitable Even For A Baby To Drink Directly.

3,3-Inch(44MM) Chute & Compact Structure

Joymi Juicer Features A 3-Inch Caliber 45° Chute, Allowing You To Juice Larger Fruits And Vegetables Without The Need For Cutting While Minimizing Clogging. The Compact Structure And Anti-Dripping Valves Prevent The Juice From Dripping When Not In Use. Enjoy A Low-Speed Super Quiet Operation.

4,Easy Operation & After-Sales Service

Joymi Juicer Is Designed For Easy Operation, Making It Suitable For All, Including The Elderly. Worried About The Masticating System Getting Blocked Due To An Excess Of Fruits And Vegetables? Simply Press The REV Button To Switch The Rotation Direction, Significantly Improving Juicing Efficiency.

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